Career Openings

We'd like to think we provide opportunities to soar. Want to fly?
Work for us from literally anywhere

Working With Us

We are a different kind of company in that our staff work from home or their own office. As a small start-up this provides us with the most flexibility and low overhead to be agile and competitive. Having a remote staff does not affect the quality and performance of our products.

  • Our staff collaborates using a variety of tools such as Team Foundation Services, Google Docs, and G-Hangout/IM. We use Agile methodologies to meet our milestones but realize creativity needs time to form; we are not slave drivers.
  • Each year we hold a company conference where staff meet and discuss trends, technologies, and projects for the coming year. This gives us a chance to congregate, share, and celebrate our achievements.

How It Works

We usually start with a phone/Google Hangout interview. If you get past the interview stage, we'll collaborate on a 1-2 month project together under contract. This helps us feel you out and see if we're a fit. From there, if we bring you on the team full-time, you will be onboarded and indoctrinated into the Talegen Media fold. Resistance is futile at this point.


Owch! Sorry, but it appears there are no openings available at this time. Please check back often and/or subscribe to our [Blog] as job openings will be listed here as well as on the blog.