I wanted to get the word out on our blog beyond the Twitter post I had originally sent out here:

The original notification of our new initiative to develop an Identity Server SaaS product.

What is it?

Bastille is a side project of ours to create a standards-based turn-key Identity Server solution for small software companies that need a way to provide a solid authentication mechanism as well as offer OAuth2 technologies for other 3rd-parties to integrate into their products without the hassle of writing their own.

Loose implementations of OAuth2 and Identity are pervasive throughout the Internet and it’s our goal to try and reign in some of these platforms in preparation for future Distributed Identity (DID) and 
WebAuthn (FIDO2) technologies coming in the near future.

Secure Identity hits us near and dear to our hearts and Talegen wants to be deeply involved in this movement to finally put an end to disparate/poor implementations of identity authentication and authorization.

What we’re doing

Bastille.Id is the name of the Identity Server and Service we’ll be building out in the next few months. The server itself will be freely available for download and we hope a large community will follow to help grow its potential and popularity. Following the server software release, Talegen will be implementing a SaaS service that will completely streamline the Identity implementation process for developers, eliminating the need to host and update the product on their own servers.

What Standards?

Bastille.Id will be built upon the popular IdentityServer4 library (IDS4) which will host a complete secure implementation of the OpenID Connect and OAuth2 technologies. What Bastille provides on top of the IDS4 library are the Identity Server Management (ISM) interfaces and components allowing developers to focus on building their application features rather than building ISM infrastructure.

I invite you all to visit the Bastille.Id Blog and our Titter Feed at @TalegenInc and my personal Twitter Feed at @TheRobKennedy  to stay up to date on the latest developments.

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